Since it has been a while since my last post, I wanted to do a Weekly Wednesday Favorite with an image I made today (well 2 really). I also thought it would be cool to show you a before and after image.

First and foremost, I have been shooting plenty of personal work lately under these conditions: Be Intentional. Slow down. Visualize. Execute. Finish the image. I have been using my Nikon D3’s, Nikon D200, iPhone 3Gs and Nikon Coolpix L20 (whichever one is closest to me). I have turned off my attention to the “internets” lately, because I found myself wasting time and not really growing. As I do from time to time, I withdraw, and start to dig while looking inwardly instead of outwardly.

During my latest hiatus from the internets, I have been really trying to live by the “Use what you have” and “Less is more” principles. I talk about these a lot, though fall into the traps of new gear, gadgets and tools. I have refrained from all purchases except for upgrades to Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5. I had Lightroom 3 for 3 weeks before I installed it. Why I waited? I have no idea!!! It is a fantastic tool for every photographer. So many features that I like, but most of all it is just FAST. Photoshop CS5 is still shrink wrapped. I know, I know… Why the wait? Just haven’t felt the urgency yet.

This goes along with my less is more I think. Lightroom 3 does such a great job for my Finishing needs, that Photoshop CS3 has been plenty. But, what about that Content Aware feature of CS5? I know I can’t wait to try it! In fact, in the image below, I think I would have used it in a few areas… (Can you guess which areas?)

OK, enough talk. Lets see some fruits.

While giving Chyler a bath in the sink this evening, I could not pass up the opportunity to make a few images. I know the number of sink baths are limited. I wanted to capitalize on the moment.

Here is the original capture of the image Exported from Lightroom 3. (Sharpened for Web and Logo applied in Photoshop CS3).

Here is my finished version of the image. All retouching/finishing done in Lightroom 3. (Sharpened for web and Logo applied in Photoshop CS3)

*Finishing Notes: Convert to B&W mode, adjust skin tones, apply curve, Crop, Dodge N Burn, Add Film Grain

One more of my favorites.

I shot 10 frames and kept 4 of them. I am ecstatic with the abilities of Lightroom 3. For the most part it has everything I need.