Upper St. Clair Faith Lutheran Church | Southpointe Golf Club Wedding – Mindy and Jahmar

I first met Mindy and Jahmar in Daytona Beach, Florida while I was there documenting the wedding of Corrine to Nick (that was another fantastic wedding). I knew immediately that they were an extremely fun-loving couple! Jahmar promised me that when they were to get married that he would be calling me. He was true to his word. In fact over the past few years we have kept in touch periodically just to check in on each other. It has been a treat for me to see them grow in there journey together!

We had a wintry day in October of this year and of course it landed on their wedding day. I was happy to hear how welcoming they were of the potential snow. It did add an element of “cool” to the ambience of an October wedding in Pittsburgh. Even though it was cold and somewhat dreary – the day was extremely upbeat and filled with excitement.

They were both getting ready at the Southpointe Hilton Garden Inn, just a few rooms away from each other. This made it convenient for my associate, Dan Speicher, and me to bounce back and forth between the rooms to capture the activity. Champagne bottles were popped and a little scotch was poured to settle the nerves and set the mood. Honestly, I think my face hurt from smiling by the end of the day… You can’t help but be in this mood when you are around Mindy and Jahmar!

Onward we shuttled to Upper St. Clair Faith Lutheran Church for the ceremony. The anticipation was priceless while Jahmar waited for Mindy to come through the doors. Instantly (even though Jahmar will deny it. lol) he had “emotional” written all over his face… I love moments like this! Once the vows were spoken and the rings exchanged, the pastor introduced the newlywed couple and they both danced with joy as they proceeded down the aisle together. The party was just beginning.

With a stroke of Grace from God, he cleared the dreary skies and filled them with Sunshine and Blue just long enough for us to create some great portraits out doors. The lighting and timing was seriously divine. Once we wrapped up the brief photo session, we made our way to Southpointe Golf Club for the celebration.

The night flew by so quickly, but not without many emotional moments, some off-the-hook dancing and a Photo fun booth we set up (additional post to follow will share some images).

This wedding was highly anticipated 🙂 We are SO Happy for you both and look forward to seeing more of you in the future!!! God Bless you and your families. Thank you for having us be there with you!

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