iPhone 4, iMovie & 8mm app

A few weeks back I took the two little guys to the ice rink.  While I watched from ringside, I thought I’d try a new app I downloaded. The app is 8mm for iPhone 4.  I have always loved the home movie feel that an 8mm camera delivers.  They always bring back memories of my youth when my grandfather would film us with his.  (I recently inherited his 8mm camera upon his passing.  I can’t wait to give it a whirl!)

Needless to say I was pumped when I saw the 8mm app and felt like this was a great time for it.  I can tell you that it did not disappoint.  This little movie was captured and edited completely on the iPhone 4 using iMovie.

As of lately I am really testing the waters of video.  I am enjoying it thoroughly and am excited about the possibilities there are to share.

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  1. Very awesome, Mr. Burke. Even the way that you moved the camera made it feel like it was taken on an old 8mm. I’m continually impressed with the kind of quality that the iPhone produces.

    Shortly after I purchased the iPhone4 I did a similar experiment. On a trip to Ohiopyle I shot a couple of different scenes with the phone and later that afternoon edited it (again entirely on the phone) and uploaded to Youtube. I love how technology is making it easier to bring our experiences to people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RS0rxzFIYs

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      Thank you sir! I remember your video very much so. Amazing what the technology we have enables us to do these days. I especially enjoy your integration of stills and video. I have to try that next. After working with iMovie on the iPhone I am intrigued to try it on iPad 2. I will go to the store and try 😉

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