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I have started to (slowly but surely) go back through all of our ‘Family’ pictures from this year in order to create some prints and make an album or two. Being a photographer you would think that we would have tons of pictures of the family. The truth is, we do! They are, however, all on the computers, hard drives and backup DVDs. 🙁 That is one downfall of digital… You snap away and capture all of your family memories, but the images tend to stay in the ‘digital’ world. It is SOOOOO important to take the time and create finished prints and albums. When I create an image from a wedding or a family shoot, I cannot wait to see the finished prints. There is just something about touching the physical prints that make a photograph so special. So, while the season quiets down a bit, I am going to go through our thousands of pictures from this year and pic a bunch for printing.

I am going to start posting a weekly favorite when I come across them. This one is of Bray Bray! We were at a Pumpkin Carving Party a few weeks ago and I saw Bray peeking over the back of a bench. Isn’t he a cutie???

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  1. I totally understand about all of your images being on dvd i bet i have at least 30 cds with Kates images on them and haven’t printed the first print, but…. you have inspired me to some printed..making that a goal!

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