I am headed out to Las Vegas tomorrow for a huge Wedding Photography convention! The Digital Wedding Forum (DWF) and Wedding and Portrait Professionals International (WPPI) conventions run simultaneously and are packed full of exciting information, news and professionals. I have been looking forward to this trip for the past 6 months. Most of my favorite photographers from around the world will be there, which makes it extra special. To have access to some of the people just amazes me. I am hoping to learn TONS of new tips and tricks this week. I am eager to get new ideas, techniques and inspirations from all of the seminars I will be attending. I will be sitting in on both wedding and portrait sessions.

It is going to be an exciting week and cramped with info! My brain is ready to absorb it all. I will be sure to post some images upon my return. I will have limited access to email when I am there and am not planning on taking a laptop! (This will be a first for me 🙂 ).

Have a great week!


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