Portfolio Shoot

Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting Kami and her mother Tanya, down in Oakland for a portfolio shoot. We shot all around the Cathedral of Learning. The day was absolutely gorgeous. We had sunshine for backlighting and tons of open shade to work with. We spent about 2.5 hours together and had a wonderful time. I have a very small sample of images to show. I shot so many and it is going to be very hard to narrow down, because Kami does not take a bad shot! She is such a beautiful girl and I see her career going very far. Also I would like to note that the only Photoshop work I did on these was B&W Conversion and a little sharpening. That is it! Thank you Tanya and Kami for trusting in me to help with your portfolio! I had a great time working with you.

Take a look:

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