Polar Bears!

This past weekend we headed out towards Philadelphia to visit my sister and her family. Her husband, Mark, plans an annual Polar Bear Plunge on the coldest weekend of the year. We have been fortunate with the weather this year, but January 20th was pretty darn cold! It was 32 degrees with water temperature of 38! Mark had a list of things he had to prepare for the day. They went all out. Tons of fantastic food, Mark’s homeade beers (which are out of this world!) and more importantly, lots of family and friends. Mark even brewed a special beer for the Polar Bear Plunge. ‘Polar Bear Ice Bock’ You can see the shirts in the slideshow.

What made the Plunge even better was that Bridget and Damon both did it! I was taking pictures, so I could not possibly jump in! (hahahha) It was great! Bridget said it was pure adrenaline and Damon said ‘It Hurt!’. They both said they would be back next year. I am going to have to bring another photographer so I can jump in too. Check out these few pics and then click here to watch the slideshow.

I love the intesity in Bridget’s Face. Just the contrast of the winter clothes and her in a Bathing Suit is priceless!

Off We go

Wow this is cold!

Get me outta here!!!

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