Laurie + Bill get married

You may remember Laurie and Bill from their engagement shoot a few months ago. We had a great time that day and created an awesome engagement guestbook for their wedding day. Friday was the big day! Low and behold, it was an all evening affair with extremely cold temperatures! We were up for the challenge and had a great time with everyone. After the ceremony we headed outside for some fun shots with Laurie and Bill alone. They were absolute troopers, enduring the frigid winds. Bridget and I were freezing too 🙂 It was so much fun and we got some really different shots. This wedding was unique because it was all in the evening, so we had very different circumstances to shoot in. It is always fun to do something different.

We want to thank Laurie and Bill, as well as their families, for having us join them on their special day. We truly are blessed to have been a part of it. This wedding concludes our 2006 wedding season! Thank you guys!!! This has been an Awesome first year for us. We cannot thank everyone enough for all of the special memories we were enabled to capture. God Bless you all!

Now it is time to relax and gear up for next year.

Here are some pics from Friday:
Diamonds from Bill

Finishing Touches


The Groom

Here comes the wind!

The ceremony

Keeping Warm

The Happiest Man in the World!

First Dance

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  1. You’re welcome! I think your work is great! I’ve got you RSS’d under my “photog” category so I’ve been popping in for a while 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for always sharing it on your blog.


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