Florida Vacation & New Pics

We scheduled a family vacation for Feb 22 through March 1 to West Palm Beach, Florida. We cannot wait! When we scheduled it, we thought that we would be ready by this time, to escape the cold weather. The past few days have been the coldest of the winter here in Pittsburgh! Needless to say we are pumped to get out of here for a week. Damon is happy to be missing school (of course we are taking his schoolwork with us). We are also going to Disney World Magic Kingdom for a day. That is a Bonus. We were given two free tickets so we only had to buy two more. Yippee!! The last time I was at Disney, I was Damon’s age (10). I will be sure to post some pics from our vacation when we return.

A few weeks back I posted a few pics of Cameron and Tanner that I was working on. Since then, my brand new PowerMac blew a power supply, so I was without a computer for a week! ( I have no idea how I survived 🙂 ). I just got it back and was able to finish the edits on the shoot. Here are a few of my favorites.



Thomas the Tank


Mom and Me

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