Dozer. The Doze. Dozey. Real Name = ‘Bud the Bulldozer’. Dozer is our family Dog. He is a Boxer. My son, Damon, named him Dozer when we purchased him in May of 1999. Dozer just turned 7 in March. He is such a wonderful dog. He is so much fun! Most importantly Boxers are known to be Great with Children! Dozer is SOOOO Great with kids! All of our boys love him and he loves them back. They all have prodded and poked him, pulled his ears and have ridden him like a bull. Dozer has never snapped, growled or scratched. He just takes it. We love Dozer. I saw him today, soaking up the rays in his favorite place… The front entry way to our home. During the Spring – Fall, we leave the front door open all day to let the light shine in! On a typical day, you can find our buddy Dozer (sound asleep) enjoying the heat from the sun.

Check him out.

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