Christmas Mishaps

Have you (those of you that have children) ever noticed that when it comes to Christmas time, one or more of the kids has a mishap? By mishap I mean something that will ‘stand out’ in all of the Christmas pictures. This time of year brings all of the cameras out and everyone is snapping away. Well, this year, 2 out of the three boys has had a mishap in the past two days.

Firstly, yesterday Brayden was coming around the corner and tripped. This caused him to fly face first into the corner of the wall. Luckily he walked away with only a little scrape and some blood. 🙂 Boo Boo Bunny took care of him and he was OK. However it left him with this on his cheek.

Then today, Christian decided to go into our bathroom and grab my beard trimmer. He decided to give himself a haircut! This is the result.

Brayden’s face will heal and I gave Christian a total Buzz with the Clippers on #3 so it evened it out a bit. It will be great to look back on 2006 Christmas Pictures and see these gems.

Damon has not had a mishap as of yet. If he does, I will post it! Merry Christmas!!!

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