Christian’s First Baseball Game!

After all of the rain cancelled practices and exhibition games, Christian Finally got to play baseball! Each time the coach would call to cancel practice (due to poor weather), Christian would get so upset. It was heartbreaking. He just wanted to play ball! I have never seen a boy have more passion for something at such a young age. He is so determined to get out there and play. These young years in the game are absolutely priceless!

Last night he had his official debut and he did not let us down! He got two fantastic hits, scored runs and even made some plays while at second base. His expressions and excitement could be felt by us all. What a gem! Here are a few choice images from his big day at the ballpark!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! he is SO CUTE!! seriously, my eyes are welling up….and my fav is the BW one where he is holding the fence!—priceless!!!!!!!

  2. Okay, he looks ADORABLE in his oversized clothes and that helmet…I couldn’t stop laughing. He has the facial expressions down like a pro!

  3. How lucky is he to have such a talented Dad to capture these amazing childhood moments?! WOW!

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