been a while

I haven’t posted in quite a while. Lots of good things going on, that is for sure. Had a very busy weekend. I took a quick trip to Atlanta, went to a few weekend Halloween Parties and celebrated some birthdays. My Grandfather (Pops), Father (Stonepa), Sister (Laurie) and Christian all had birthdays! Pops is on the 27th and the other 3 are on the 29th!! Happy Birthday to all, again 🙂 . I have to go through some pics and post pics of all of them.

Here are a few pics from my Atlanta trip:
The weather… I have never seen it rain so hard in Atlanta.

Captain Fred took me to Al’s Diner. Here is a patron reading the morning paper.

This diner has all kinds of funny things littered around the place. Al is behind the counter.

This is Wild Man in his Civil War shop. I didn’t care for the shop too much, but thought he made and interesting portrait 🙂 Those are 2 .45 caliber pistols on his belt!

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