A morning at the park

I love October! We really lucked out yesterday, Sunday Morning, with the weather. It was Sunny & Warm… A perfect day for a shoot. The leaves have already started to fall here in Pittsburgh, so we had some really great warm colors as well!

I met with Lynette and Cameron at a local park to capture Cameron and his Mommy. Lynette told me that it is impossible to get him to stay still. This actually works great for me, because I love capturing kids in true form. She didn’t lie!! I was exhausted after running around with him for an hour. I had so much fun following him and trying to get in front of him when he set his sight on something new to run after.

I also was able to capture some incredible moments with Lynette and Cameron interacting with each other. There is nothing more special to me, than seeing the love between a mother and child.

Thanks for the great morning! It was a wonderful way to start off my day.

Here are a few from what I saw:

Let go Mom, I wanna run:

Watch me go:

I always come back:

Tickle Time:


What can I do next:


Running again!:

Alas!! He stopped… for a second and gave me this! (My Favorite)

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