Lighting Setup

I have had a few questions about the lighting and camera setup from my latest self portrait, so I wanted to share this diagram and info with you.

A few notes.
I used 2 Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceivers to fire the Main Light (in the Octodome). One PW attached to the light and the other PW in the shoemount of my Nikon D3. The SB-80DX was set to slave mode with no PW attached.

The Photoflex OctoDome nxt: extra small kit: A fantastic little softbox (octobox) for the hot shoe flash. It has a cold shoe for your flash and for your pocketwizard. It is very compact and an excellent choice for on the go usage.

I had the Nikon SB-900 Flash in the OctoDome.

The Nikon SB-80DX was on a small stand behind me, pointed to the background. I wrapped black gaffers tape around the strobe and shaped a snoot to narrow the beam of light.

The Background: I am not a fan of muslin backgrounds, but I have one that I use for the occasional senior yearbook portraits. I wanted something quick and easy, so I used some gaffers tape and taped it to the wall behind me.

I chose the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR Lens as it is one of my favorites for portraits. Set the f-stop to 7.1. I could have lowered the power of my light and used a larger aperture but find it quicker to just stop down the aperture.

I triggered the camera with Nikon’s remote trigger release (complete with an extension cord).

A few specific questions I received:

Did you use Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System)?

A: I did not, but you totally could. Say you had the Nikon D90 and an SB-600 Flash or two. You could absolutely achieve similar results.

Did you use PortraitProfessional for retouching?

A: Although I do own PortraitProfessional, I did not use it to retouch this photo.

Is this SOC (straight out of camera) or did you do post production?

A: The shot straight out of camera was near complete, I did however do some post production in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Lightroom: Imported the Raw file, color corrected, dodged/burned using the Adjustment Brush Tool. I pulled back the saturation a bit.
Photoshop: I retouched the skin a little, Sized for Web and Sharpened.

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments and I will try to answer for you.

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