Street Photography

(Image with iPhone 4)

Street Photography. Have you done it? I try, but have to admit – it has been intimidating. Slowly I am building up confidence to shoot more. I LOVE the idea of it and especially the imagery that is possible. there are so many little moments that happen all around us daily, that we ignore. Shooting street photography, should change your view and help you to see the moments in the mundane.

The best way to do it, is not to research it, but instead get out and shoot. Don’t get hung up on gear (I have just been using my iPhone), it’s more about being a part of the environment and blending in.

If you are interested in Street Photography, I have a few resources to share. posted these links to free e-books earlier. My friend, John, over at The Brand Studio previously shared the “Going Candid” link with me a few weeks ago. It is a good read.

This morning I downloaded “Collecting Souls“, but have yet to read it.

Thomas Leuthard is a Switzerland based Street Photographer, who has unrivaled passion for street photography. He is bold which is apparent in his beautiful images and his writing. Thomas’ prefers his Panasonic Lumix GF-1 due to it’s discreet size and high performance. I really enjoy his thoughts on gear, because gear doesn’t matter. Thank you Thomas.

Another resource worth sharing is that of Richard Koci Hernandez, a self described ‘Multimedia Journalist’. Richard’s weapon of choice is his iPhone and the apps. He has created a website called dedicated to the medium of the iPhone. He has published a few Blurb books, which are inspiring. I purchased “This Way Please” and “On the Street“.

I admire the guts of these two guys and their respective approaches. It inspires me to get out and grow some more guts 😉 Street photography is not for everyone, I still am unsure if I am cut out for it, but whatever the case may be, it is enjoyable to view.

Do you have any street photography resources you would like to share?

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