Tech Tips Thursday | Apple Aperture 3.0

As much as I love Adobe Lightroom, I also love pretty much everything Apple does. Apple has a comparable application called Aperture that I have had a love/hate relationship with for years. I have always loved the user interface, but the application lacked some of the functionality that has kept me in the Lightroom camp.

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled Aperture 3.0 and as far as I can tell, it is a major upgrade over version 2.0. I have spent a little time with the application and am very impressed. Some of the features like faces and places do not do much for me, but the fact that they have adopted global presets and selective adjustments makes the application worthy of a look.

If you have never used an advanced application like Lightroom or Aperture, you should download the 30 day free trial, watch the video tutorials and give it a whirl. I would love to hear your thoughts.

My favorite new features are the brushable adjustments, presets and the improved curves feature. In all there are 200+ new features.

Not ready to say if I will work it completely into our backend systems but will run it through its paces. Happy Trials to you 🙂

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    What are the chances?!? This was the exact reason I came over here. I wanted to see if you had posted your thoughts on Aperture 3. During the workshop you and John said Lightroom over Aperture. Are you still leaning this way, in need of more experimentation with 3?

  2. I actually hate Aperture! Haha- well, let me first say that I think it does a great job in editing and correcting images, but I hate the fact that you have to import and export images into the Aperture database. It creates extra copies and uses up more memory on your computer (or hard drive). I have had Aperture 2.0 for a while, and after playing around with it for a couple of days, I vowed never to touch it again.

    What I’ve been using instead is Adobe Bridge which works very similarly as Aperture and Lightroom, if you have the CS3 package.

    All you do is open Bridge, select the photos you want to edit, hit Command+R, and it opens it up in “Bridge Raw” or something like that. From there, you can make all of your adjustments (but it won’t make selective changes).

    No insane importing and exporting required!

  3. I was wondering what your thoughts were for the speed of Aperture. Version 3.0 has a lot more functionality but it seems that they sacrificed a considerable amount of speed to attain it. And I thought the speed of the application was one of the few things that Aperture had to laud over Lightroom. Your Thoughts?

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