From the Book:

Failure builds character. Fail early and often. There is so much failure in the air that you can’t help to breathe it in. Don’t Inhale.

I think it is important to examine what you can learn from your mistakes, but typically you learn what NOT to do. Wouldn’t you rather focus your efforts on what you SHOULD do? You have some successes. Are they repeatable? What did you do right?

Other people’s failures are just that, other people’s failures.

Just because Joe Schmoe failed at his photography or marketing efforts, does not mean you have to.

I have made PLENTY of bad photographs (still do!). Though I learn from these, I learn more from the ones that I did right. I remember what I did right in a particular situation and repeat it. This works time and time again. This builds momentum and consistency. Consistency is key for growth and success.

So you will make mistakes, no doubt. The point is, pick yourself up, create some successes and repeat it. Do not dwell on the mistakes as this will slow down your momentum and ultimately paralyze your growth.

*Quotes from ReworkREWork