Keeping Track of Ideas with Wunderlist


I’ve never been an overly organized person. OK I am lying. I have never been organized – PERIOD. As shameful as it is, it’s the truth. I am very much an impulsive, go with the flow, adaptable kind of guy. It’s me and I’ll take it. My wife and peers, however like to “nudge” me a bit towards being more organized, because well – my memory sucks! I can literally, be in one room – think of something, intend to retrieve the something and completely forget what the something was…. Within seconds….

One place this is really challenging is when I have an idea. If I don’t record it, it’s history. “Carry a notebook with you.” I have tried it. “Use a voice recorder.” I have tried that too. I have tried writing things on my hands, using post-it notes everywhere I may look and of course i have tried about 1,582 different software apps. Nothing has stuck. Until I met Wunderlist

Wunderlist is simple and fast. It enables you to make different lists like Ideas, Production Work, Home, Admin, etc…

When I have an idea I open the app, type it (or use Siri) save it and it’s secure. I can also add a note to the idea if I need to elaborate. It’s now saved and synced to all of my devices.

I also use Evernote which is a workhorse, but for quick and easy Wunderlist gets my vote. It’s also FREE.

I just had an idea 😉

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