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Recently, Chase Jarvis (commercial photographer), coined the phrase “The Best Camera is the One that is With You.” He took this phrase to the next level and created a book of his iPhone photography and an iPhone app to capture, edit and share. I can tell you that the app is awesome! I love using it and it makes iPhone photography a blast. After reading the post, be sure to check out the book and iPhone app if you haven’t already. If you don’t have an iPhone, well then… you now have an excuse to get one!

Chase’s iPhone photography inspired me to shoot more for myself. Since I always have a camera with me (via the iPhone) there is no excuse for not shooting daily. Somedays I shoot lots and lots and come up with nothing spectacular. Somedays I shoot one and love it. Other days, I love all the shots I get. My recent trip to New York City, was one of those times where I enjoyed multiple images.

Here are my images:

Using what you have, will make YOU a better photographer. I certainly would not want to use my iPhone as my primary camera for a paid assignment, however it is a great camera to make images with. Things I have learned over the past few months while using my iPhone to make images:

  • It underexposes backlit situations, so you must compensate using “finger priority” (takes time to master. excellent skill builder)
  • It is SLOW. (Teaches Patience.)
  • It helps me see lines and architecture better. (Being a people photographer, more accurately a story teller photography, I am not the best landscape or architectural photographer.)
  • All images captured with the iPhone are to be tweaked using iPhone apps (My self imposed rule)
  • It is very light and it makes capturing images fun! (It is actually quite addicting)
  • Shake It Photo made me realize how much I love polaroid!
  • The images print quite well and are great for sharing.

I was very happy to have my iPhone with me and the Best Camera App. So from now on, Use what you have with you to make some images. Whether it is a phone camera, point n shoot, disposable film camera, etc… No excuses, just shoot.

Chase Jarvis’ Book:Best Camera is the One That’s With You

Chase Jarvis’ Best Camera App: Best Camera
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  1. Awesome images! I’ve been using the Best Camera App since the day it came out. Love it, although I wish it had a crop feature.

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