Fresh Start

Ahhhh…. a new space devoted to photography and technology. I have been wanting to have a permanent home here, where I can post more about photography and tips. There is quite an abundance of sites out there that offer tips, trick, tidbits, etc… but I am hoping to create something a little different. First and foremost I want this to be an encouraging place for photographers of all skill levels to visit.

Here are the rules.
1. There is no such thing as a stupid question.
2. Read rule #1.
3. Keep it friendly and clean (as youngsters will be reading this site for encouragement too)

That is it. I have some older content that I will migrate here, but most all content is going to be new from here on in. I am really excited to get this going and am determined to post often. Interviews with other photographers (both new and established), videos, podcasts, downloadable .pdf files, lightroom presets and more.

Thanks for coming by and come back often!


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  1. I received this through our Pittsburgh Photo club. I will be checking in often. Thank you.. Frank

  2. I am delighted that Nancy put this link in the October Photo Section News. I would describe myself as an aspiring amateur and so happy to find someone who will respect my efforts. I just joined the Photo Section this summer. I will be following your posts and maybe posting a question here and there.

    My sister, a former Pittsburgher, lives in Maine. She will also be interested in this site.

    Lois Kane

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