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Al-righty folks (especially photographers) if you have not checked out Becker’s the [ b ] school, you need to! the becker is a wedding photographer in Southern California that has been shooting amazing weddings for many years. He is hilarious and a fountain of knowledge. He has been published in major magazines and books on wedding photography.

The [ b ] school is going to be an online learning environment that will be unlike anything else out there. See the the [ b ] school blog for many tips and tidbits on photography.

I met him last year at Mike Colon’s 4-day intensive, when we had a poker tournament the last night. I am terrible at poker, but it came down to Becker and me. Becker is also an excellent poker player (check becker’s blog for his run at the World Series of Poker!), so he ended up smoking me. After the game we hung out a bit and talked shop. I then saw him again in Vegas at WPPI 07 and again this past week.

This year he was doing free headshots outside of Paris, so a few of us went out to get some shots and of course be entertained! He is a joy to watch work and interact with. Here is my headshot:

So a big thanks to [ b ] for the headshot and a note to all of you to check out the [ b ] school. He has posted about 60 mini videos that are filled with golden nuggets of information about business, photography & personality. I guarantee you will be entertained and more than likely become a student.

Good Night 🙂

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  1. what’s up david!

    i hope you are feeling better these days- getting that ‘airplane’ feeling all out of your system. anyways…nice headshot…i saw it on becker’s blog and wanted surfed on over to give you some props on a nice pic-

    it was good meeting you and hangin a bit. next time i see you…there better be a d3 in your hands. =)

    take care!

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