Software Solution – Highrise

When I find a good piece of software that makes my life simple, I love to tell everyone! Well, I recently found another piece of software (web based) that is my new favorite. Highrise. Highrise is from 37signals, which is a small group of guys that have the philosophy of less is more. Keep it simple. All of their offerings are so intuitive and most of all USEFUL! Highrise is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, to help with managing your contacts.

Being a photographer, my photo tools are priceless, but the biggest part of my business is managing relationships. Before Highrise, we had a mish-mash of emails, address books, blackbooks, etc… It was really hard to manage and to find things because they were so spread out. Now, everything is in one place! Easy to find and manage. It makes it fun!!!

It was so easy to export our Mac Address Book and other contacts from email accounts, etc… It is also easy to export from Highrise and bring them in the other way.

Keeping track of tasks per client, notes, emails and schedules is a breeze. I HIGHLY Recommend trying this out. 37signals always offers a free plan for starters and upgraded plans for when your business grows. So if you are looking for a fantastic way to manage your relationships, be sure to give Highrise a try.

Image borrowed from 37signals

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