Photography Workshop | Shoot N Learn – October

I am happy to announce the next Shoot N Learn. This month’s Shoot N Learn will feature Cory Ann Ellis from South Dakota. Cory Ann is a very talented photographer specializing in Weddings and Intimates. Cory Ann has agreed to share her knowledge on shooting and marketing ‘Intimates’ with us. I would venture to say that this workshop is definitely geared towards the ladies in photography 🙂 I personally do not shoot Intimates (for obvious reasons!), but I think there is a TON of value in what Cory Ann has to share. If you are interested in Intimates photography, I can refer you to a wonderful friend of mine… Heather Lahtinen! Heather will be here as well, since she is hosting Cory Ann at her home.

We would love to have a shoot demonstration so we are looking for a model that will be comfortable posing in a Bikini Top, Jeans and/or a White dress shirt. I promise it will be very tasteful. If you know of anyone that would like to model, please shoot us an email to If we do not have a model Cory Ann has enough discussion material that we can chew on. Marketing alone is a fantastic topic to cover.

I am super excited for this month’s Shoot N Learn!!! Hope to see you all here and see some new faces!

  • When: 10/15/08 @ 7:30 PM
  • Where: David Burke’s Studio (633 Washington Road Pittsburgh, PA 15228)
  • Who: YOU
  • Topic: Marketing and Shooting Intimates – Cory Ann Ellis

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  1. David, I think of how it wasn’t that long ago you got this studio location, and how quickly you’re already hosting those on the Pictage tours and signature photographers out on the road. Where I am in GA there are many photography studios and NONE are open to hosting like you are. Keeping spreading the love, man! Blessings!

  2. If we don’t have a model we’ll just use David. Just kidding.

    Anyway it will be useful for the men as well because if you can learn to pose a lady in nearly nothing you can surely do it clothed. The basics of posing will carry through to your wedding and senior clients as well.

    Hope to see some of you there.

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