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Hi Everyone!
In effort to reach out, teach, learn, shoot and most of all have fun, I have decided to put together some Shoot & Learn workshops for anyone wanting to learn more about digital photography with a focus on documenting life. I have been wanting to put this together for quite sometime and am happy that we can now move forward.

Starting Thursday May 1, 2008 and the First Thursday of each month, I will be hosting a Shoot and Learn Workshop that will cover at least one aspect of photography. This first one is going to cover Exposure: Available Light Portraits. We will be shooting in Manual Mode :-). I will help you step out of the box and “Auto Mode”…

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This is designed for users of Digital SLR cameras that want to learn how to create better images straight out of the camera. My intentions are to help you understand some fundamentals that can push you along your way. I plan on leading to the location and shooting, all the while telling you exactly what settings I am using so that you can begin with a foundation. I will then help you get set up and shooting. I will be available for assistance and to answer any questions you may have.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I cannot imagine doing anything else. Life is so precious and I believe it is my job to capture it exactly the way God wants it to be 🙂 I also want to help others do the same thing.

At the very least, we will create a great community and make new friends. How cool is that?

If you are interested in coming along, please email me at with Shoot and Learn in the subject line. There is no COST to you, except for your time. I promise that you will walk away with more confidence and hopefully more ideas when you approach a particular subject to shoot.

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  1. What a super cool idea DB! This is a wonderful service you’re doing for your workshop attendees, I have no doubt they will walk away with something valuable.

  2. I was so wanting to go to this event but couldn’t make it due to work. How awesome that you put this together. Heather mentioned a little about your next one. I can’t go to that one either. Darn. Now, if only you could do this on the second Thursday in June….sigh. How late do you shoot?

    Seriously, Dave, it is great that you are doing this. Good luck getting your studio ready. It looks great. Can’t wait to see what you do with the inside:)


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