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I am always looking to improve my workflow. Part of this process, includes finding tools that can help me perform all of the tasks necessary, very efficiently. I also believe that Less is More. I like simple software solutions. I do not really want to load up my machines with a ton of software that will not get used.

Staples in my workflow, that I can never do without are Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS3. Photoshop is a standard among professionals. Lightroom is really picking up steam to be the preferred image adjustment tool. (Apple Aperture is still out there too, but does not fit my workflow as well as Lightroom.)

Recently, I found a new piece of software that is worth a look. I was reading another photographer friend’s blog Becker’s Blog, when he posted about Photo Mechanic. He has been using iView for years but is now using Photo Mechanic for shear speed. He suggested downloading the demo, so I did. Holy Cow!!! Talk about Fast!! The last thing I really wanted to do was to add another software component to my flow, but I have no choice. This software ROCKS!!! I am basically using it to flag keepers, blog worthy or portfolio images. Once I have them flagged, I copy them to a new folder and then open in Lightroom for additional proof tweaking. It works just as fast with Jpeg or Raw files. I was using Lightroom totally for picking keepers, but Photo Mechanic makes it so much faster! I like to sit in front of the computer as little as possible.

I am sure this tool can do other cool things as well, but for now it is by far the fastest way to plow through thousands of images. This will also come in very handy when flagging images for slideshows at wedding receptions. Both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge have worked OK for this, but I am looking forward to using Photo Mechanic this weekend’s wedding in Daytona Beach, FL!! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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  1. I downloaded the trial based on our review and am i love with it. It’s going to save me HOURS in filtering time. Thanks for the info!

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