New Haven, CT PUG, Mt. Lebanon Studio, iPhone Pic of the Day

First off a little shout out to my friends in New Haven, CT! I am preparing for a quick trip to New Haven, CT tomorrow, as I have been asked to speak to a group of photographers for their monthly PUG meeting. This meeting is part of the Pictage User Groups and is coordinated by Justin and Mary Marantz. I am humbled by this invitation and eager to meet a new group of friends. Justin and Mary are wonderful friends and two of the most genuine people I know. They have some great things going on and they are ALWAYS helping other photographers. They have made a huge impact on this industry, in such a positive way. I can’t wait to see them again! This is sure to be an excellent trip. I also get to hook up with a few other friends Carla Ten Eyck and Steve Depino. It will be fun to be around such talented people!

I am going to attempt to video my talk and share online for the rest of you all. Good Times!

Now making the official announcement that we have moved out of our Mt. Lebanon studio space! This was a tough decision for us, because we loved the space! It came in useful at times, however we could not justify the cost from a business standpoint to continue the lease. We can now invest more of our resources into more important parts of the business.

It is safe to say that 90% of our work is on location, so having a monthly studio space is overkill. Headquarters is back at our home office I get to see my wife and kids more, which is a huge bonus! I also have access to some studio shooting space if we need it.

One more tidbit… I have been making an ‘iPhone Pic of the Day’ via Twitter and Twitpic for the past few weeks and am having so much fun with it! Another photographer, Chase Jarvis, inspired me to do this. Quote, ‘The best camera to use is the one with you!’ My iPhone is with me all of the time, so I have embraced this thought and am using it. I shoot a ton of pictures with it. Sometimes it is random and sometimes more intentional. It is helping me see things so differently. Limited to small glass and 2 megapixels isn’t that bad after all.

The rules I made for myself. 1. The pic of the day has to be captured with the iPhone 2. The image can only be tweaked using available iPhone apps. My two favorites are Camera Bag and Photogene
Here is a link to my Flickr page of iPhone Images. I will leave you with one that encourages me to look upward, move forward and stay straight.
David Burke - Moving Forward

Start using the camera that is with you and have fun. Please share with us on Twitter, Facebook or the comments section of this blog.

OK back to prepping for my short trip to Connecticut.

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  1. I just got Photogene, killer app! Congrats on the CT PUG invite, good luck and give ’em my regards. Safe travels!

  2. David, love the message about looking up towards God. Bottom line bro for all believers. You are awesome at what you do and have a natural gift let God lead you bro! Eric

  3. Hey David! Thanks for rockin’ our PUG meeting and giving us lots of food for thought. Your energy is warm and welcoming, and segues into a genuity (is that a word?) that most don’t posess. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experience, and yourself. We all loved it!

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