Michael and Anna Costa in the Studio! (Shoot n Learn too)

Hi all!

I am excited to be hosting Michael and Anna Costa on their Pictage PUG: “Standing Out in the Photography Industry” tour this month! My good friend, Joanne Bartone, is our local PUG leader and asked if we could gather at our studio. Of course! In light of having Michael and Anna here, we are going to combine the September Shoot n Learn with the PUG. Cool?

This will be a very informative gathering on how to stand out in this business. Be sure to check out their Portfolio and Blog. I have not personally met them, but can tell they are very great people! I look forward to meeting them and seeing you all again.

Please drop me an email if you will be attending. We need to prepare 😉

See you on the 18th!

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  1. dude that is sweet that you are hosting them! Maybe I should go visit you then. 🙂 It is my birthday that day!

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