iPhone and Inspiration

Two very important tools that I use are my iPhone and Inspiration. A friend of mine sent me a link to Strobist.com that connects the two nicely. (this article aside, if you do not have an iPhone, you are missing out!)

I love Strobist.com! It is a wonderful resource for DIY off camera lighting and simplification. It is proof that you do not need big, bulky, expensive lighting equipment with you all of the time. So if you are iPhone impaired and Strobist.com impaired, now you have no excuse, get busy! You will thank me later.

OK tying the iPhone and inspiration together. The article discusses using the iPhone to snap pictures of pictures, that inspire you (specifically the lighting) and keeping them with you on the phone to access easily. The author talks about using iPhoto to to organize and sync. I tweaked this method to use Lightroom instead (if you have questions, email me).

Here is a link to the article – Strobist: Keep a Lighting File

I think this is a great idea to have a Pocket Inspiration with you. In my home office I have a wall covered with magzine photos that inspire me. Here is a portion of my wall:

So, now when I am out browsing the magazine racks or books, I can take a snap if it inspires me and keep it with me. Give it a try. Happy Sunday!

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