How To Everything (&More) Photography Workshop

Stoked to be teaming up with my good friend, John Craig, for a Beginner’s photography workshop in January. January begins the 3 month stretch where most of us hibernate and think of all the things we want to do and should be doing. The problem is that we just sit there on the couch or chair in front of the computer or tv instead of moving. We wanted to kick of 2010 with a wonderful learning experience, especially for those of you that will have just received new Digital SLR’s from Santa Claus or the like!

This is a cut and paste from John’s original post:
David Burke & John Craig
How To Everything (& More): PHOTOGRAPHY

In your gut you want to be a PHOTOGRAPHER. Or maybe you just want to learn how to use that expensive camera you just bought but you’re not sure who to ask. You have a great eye for composition but you just need some guidance, an advisor to help YOU fulfill your dreams. Make the jump from thinking, daydreaming and create great photographs…

Is this you?
-You take great pictures
-Everybody tells you that you take great pictures
-Your friends and family always ask you to bring your camera
-You bought an expensive new DSLR camera
-You have no idea how to use to it, except on AUTO
-The camera’s manual scares the bajesus out of you
-You love photography and want to get better

Who should take this workshop?
-If the list above is YOU
-You love taking photographs
-ISO, F/stop, shutter speed, and aperture are words that means nothing to you
-You have no idea what DSLR means
-If you want to able to tell your camera what to do
-If you want the mysteries of the photo universe revealed to you

What you will learn:
-Understanding exposure
-How to use your camera in manual mode
-How to take a photo “correctly” in camera
-Natural light techniques
-Understanding your lens
-Understanding White Balance
-Flash Techniques

Date: January 23, 2010
Location: 502 W. North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Time: 10 am-4pm
Cost: $175.00: includes boxed lunch
Class limited to 15 people
Contact Elizabeth Craig at 724.355.9079 or by email at for more information and to register.

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