What’s Old is New

My film scans are downloading from California and the first signs of images are lovely! Shooting film on our family vacation was an excellent choice that will be repeated in the future. Looking back on our time, I was so engaged with the family and casually shooting rather than shooting away, looking at my LCD and ultimately spending too much time on a laptop to get things right with each image.

Now a little over a week later, I am finally starting to see the results of the experiment and could not be happier. In a way, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, eagerly awaiting the gifts that Santa will bring for me! This excitement is something new and I can see it becoming addictive. I have already decided to shoot more film for personal work and projects. This past weekend I shot some film at a wedding and will be shooting some more this weekend. It feels good to be excited again! I always enjoy shooting, but there is a comfort that comes with it when you know what to expect. Shooting film takes that away a bit, which creates a mystique and excitement.

It’s so easy to fall into routine and enjoy what you are doing but not really “feel” the joy of doing it. If shooting a little film once in a while energizes me to create better images with fewer clicks, then I’m sold. I’ll never leave the digital world because I love it so, however, I still marvel with the way a film image looks. As much as I feel I can come pretty close to a film look with post processing a digital file, there is an organic element that will exist within a digital image.

These select few black and white images, needed no post production whatsoever. Just crop, upload and share. Are they my best frames ever? No. Are they a treasure to me? You bet!

Have any of you experimented with film? If not, I highly recommend you reboot your server and go old school. What’s Old is New… (More to come)

PS – I just won an auction on an old school Canon AE-1 Manual Focus camera for $40.00. Seller says it’s in Mint (-) condition. Can’t wait to get it and make some frames. (Yes it’s a Canon… Please don’t tell Nikon on me!)

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