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So I am late with the post, but I am posting!

Earlier today I had about 1 hour to photograph 20 people separately. The goal was to capture each person uniquely, with some character and personality. We had a great time and we were successful! I had some wing men with me to help get people comfortable and relaxed. We had a simple setup too. White Seamless and a two light portrait setup (A small softbox below and a Large Softbox above. 2 to 1 light ratio. I basically shot between the lights). I will eventually post a little collage to share once I get the images ready.

When it came down to the last subject, I did something totally different with him for a few reasons. One of them was just to create something for myself. This is the result of one of the shots I am happy with. I would love to hear your thoughts. I have a lot of favorites from today that I will share in the future. It was a great shoot. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Details on this:
One Light (Alien Bee B800 set to 1/32 power)
Westcott 28″ Softbox
Nikon D3
ISO 200
85 1.4 lens @ f1.8
Shutter @ 1/250

Post Processing:
Color Corrected
Black and White Conversion using Alien Skin Exposure 2

OK I am cheating now. This is another picture that I took earlier this week. I did a headshot session for this lovely young lady and this was the first frame captured. A test shot… Rarely does the first image of a portrait session end up in my selections. I love this shot of her. Available Light only, Shot with the D3 and 85 1.4 at 2.8. Post Process, color corrected, contrast and sharpen for web.

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  1. Nice B/W David! Put that kid in some Everlast gear, a fake bruise or two and you’d have a killer boxer portrait. Douse him in water for fake sweat, of course! Nice look.

  2. lol, I thought there was an eyelash on the girls cheek until I realized it was a pencil mark on my screen! oops! both unique and both brilliant!

  3. I like them both a lot, but the first one is my favorite because of the cool-tough attitude you captured. I also like how you cropped in so close. Nice work!

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