I Wanna Talk About Me

Just Kidding. I don’t really want to talk about ME, but this song by Toby Keith is catchy.

I just updated my “ABOUT” page, because I read it and thought about boring it was! I have always struggled writing about myself, let alone promoting myself. Self promotion is hard for me, but when you need to reach people and you are a one-person show, you have to do it somehow. (gulp)

Anyways, I was reading my boring about page and decided to rewrite it with a little more “story” to it. It certainly isn’t all encompassing, but I think it gives a nice gist of who I am and where I am on my journey as a photographer. If you are so inclined, stop over and read me talk about me.

I also added an instagr.am widget to the sidebar of the site. I am trying to use it more. If you would like to see more of my instagr.am images you can see them here.

OK, enough about me… Peace out.

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