Update on Brayden and Apple Aperture 2.1

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers. They are working, so please keep them coming.

Bray is coming along, but he is still pretty sick. We decided to take him back to the Dr. today because he was so lethargic. He is definitely making progress and we should see him getting back in the groove by Thursday. His little voice, ‘Da Da, I don’t feel good…’ Man it breaks your heart when you hear it!

Apple Aperture 2.1
Well my love affair with Apple Aperture has come to an end. I was LOVING Aperture. Totally LOVING it. Until they released the update for 2.1. Now I cannot keep the application running. It CONSTANTLY crashes. To the point that it is unusable. I am so heart broken. I have begun using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom again, until they get the quirks fixed in Aperture. I have faith that Apple will fix the issues, but still need to be productive with my time in front of the computer.

Has anyone else had this experience? Do any of my blog readers even use Aperture?? haha.

Peace out.

This week’s Workflow Savior:

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  1. You are in my prayers.

    As for Aperture 2.1 has been flawless for me. Have not heard anyone else with that problem.

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