The power of Faith and Love

I recently came across this site Confessions of a CF* Husband, which is the blog of Nathan Lawrenson who is married to Patricia Kirschner that suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. The link takes you to the “Fast Track” section of the site to get you quickly up to speed on their story.

Reading this story and the blog entries totally grips my heart and makes me realize how much I love my wife and children. Nathan’s Faith in God and Love for Patricia and Gwenyth (born at 24 weeks gestation) keeps him moving forward. He has really gotten to know God through this ordeal. That is key with faith. It is hard to “just get more faith”, but when you take the time to know God better your faith will grow.

Their story is very touching, but is such a story of strength and perseverance that it will make us all stronger.

God Bless Nathan, Patricia, Gwenyth and their families!

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