The Bazooka Lens

When we went on our shoots, I had the opportunity to shoot with Mike Colón’s Nikon 200mm f/2G ED-IF AF-S VR Nikkor. It is no wonder why it is his favorite lense! Though, not the most compact lense, this thing is a MUST HAVE for serious shootin! It is by far the sharpest piece of glass I have ever used. I was shooting it wide open at f/2.0. I couldn’t get over how tack sharp it is. The thing weighs 6.5lbs! You can only use it sparingly on a wedding day, but I cannot wait to get one and take this lense only on an engagement shoot. It will be well worth it!!

Here are a few pics of me using the bazooka (Thanks for giving me the first try for free Mike! hahaha Nikon Loves when you have these workshops!)
Image by Mike Colón

Image by Melissa Rich

Here is one of me shooting on the beach:
Image by Melissa Rich

This is one of Brittany Gebler, one of our beautiful models. Brittany is also a photographer attending Brook’s Institute. Brittany helped us out sooo much during the week. She modeled at the beach, on the streets of Laguna and even jumped in the pool with her dress on! It was a blast. Thanks Brittany!! We started shooting her next to this Ferrari and the owner walked over and said, ‘Would you like to get in?’ This car was insane! Don’t you love how she just Pops out of the image? The background goes milky… I love that! I shot this with the 200, 2.0 @ 1600/sec.

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  1. I’m scared to find out how much this lens costs – there’s not something like that for canon with that kind of zoom. 🙁

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