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Well I am on my way to Tanzania Africa with Thirst Relief International! I am beyond excited about this opportunity to help the people of Africa. I have never been on a trip like this, so my hopes are high of making a personal difference. This will be a life changing experience I am sure.

I am headed there with 14 other fantastic photographers, with huge hearts. The main objective for this trip is to provide these people with access to clean drinking water and raise awareness in our industry (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) of the ongoing efforts of Thirst Relief. We have an opportunity to save so many lives and are eager to get more talented people on board.

Since we are a group of “Wedding Photographers”, there always has to be a wedding-related shoot involved! And what wedding photographer does not enjoy looking at beautiful women wearing beautiful gowns? One of our sponsors, Grace Ormonde of Wedding Style magazine, graciously coordinated some of the top wedding gown designers, to create and donate gowns specifically for this trip! We will be doing a shoot with South African models wearing these gorgeous gowns from designers Ines Di Santo, Amy Michelson, Adele Wechsler, Angel Sanchez, and Jenny Packham.

Another Sponsor Pro Proto Blogs provided us with a blog where we can each update personal stories and experiences from the trip. You can follow us here: Thirst Relief Tanzanian Benefit Blog . Be sure to check-in and leave a comment or two!

A HUGE thanks to all of our sponsors. You all are incredible and this trip would not be possible without your individual help. Thank you!

I will very little access to the internet, so if you need to reach our studio, please email us at or call 412.979.7525 where you will be given instructions on how to get in touch with us.

My wonderful wife Bridget will be at home caring for the children and making sure the studio is available for inquiries/questions. The hardest part of the trip for me is going to be leaving my wife and kids for 10 days! I have never been apart from them for this long. I know they will be fine without me, as they are in Good Hands.

One last personal note. My 4 year old son, said to me… “Daddy, I don’t want you to go to Africa, because I will miss you.” I told him that I would miss him too and that I love him. He then said, “Are you going to give the boys and girls clean water?” I said, “yes.” He said, “Then I won’t be sad anymore, because they need you too.” Needless to say I had to hold back the tears… How sweet is that?

Here’s a list of the photographers that will be going on the trip… check out their sites and say hello if you get a chance!!

Thirst Relief International
David Burke Travels to Tanzania

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  1. Have a FANTASTIC time, David! I’ll be following along on the blog, and can’t wait to see and hear all about it!


  2. Have a great and meaningful time. You only have one life, so make it count! Cheers to you for reaching out and taking your own time to help others.

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