Studio Grand Opening!!!

Hi Everyone!

This Thursday July 3, 2008 we are having our Studio Grand Opening! We are so excited to make it official! We have been working hard to put this together and it is wonderful to see it finally come together.

*Intentionally Blurred Images*

We are having a grand opening open house party 7/3/2008 from 5PM to 10PM. We are expecting a great turn out and would love for you to stop in and say Hello! We will be serving Light hors d’ oeuvres, featuring Authentic Mexican from Los Chiludos Mexican Restaurant, the most wonderful meats from the one and only Parma Sausage in the strip district, as well as others. We will have Champagne, Red Wine and refreshments.

We will have some light acoustic live music from the band ‘Soul Anatomy’ which includes two of my good friends Justin & Mark.

To top things off we are having a fund raiser for the Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills that will consist of a Chinese Auction for a Gift Basket filled with Goodies from local vendors and also includes a Black iPod Classic!! (I love my iPods!)

We are hoping to raise a generous amount of money for the PRC. The PRC is a wonderful organization consisting of many volunteers to “bring the word of life to every client, trusting in the power of God to restore the promise of hope and a future.” The PRC is very close to Bridget’s and my heart. We hope it will be a huge success for them!

So If you can, please stop by and wear Black and White (Casual!) attire to support the studio ;-)!!
We are here:

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  1. Looks nice! 🙂 Man wish I can go! 🙁 For a sec I saw your blurred images and I was going to tell you to go get your eyes checked. You’ve been working too hard my friend…

    congrats on the studio. looks awesome from what I can tell at least 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see it. The only thing better would be to see it in person. Hopefully sometime soon. Later bro…

  3. Ditto what Shane said! Except for the later Bro… LOL! I wish you all the happiness and success!!!!!! You deserve it! xoxoxo ~ Dawn

  4. David Burke!! I am SO excited and happy for you… can’t wait to check it out- ROAD TRIP!

    Despite the blur, I can see that it looks terrific!


  5. HAHA! Just showing off my Photoshop skills and ability to apply the Gaussian Blur baby!

  6. I’m so happy for ya db. Hope everything goes well and hopefully I’ll see ya again soon. It’s a little far for a road trip for the weekend, sorry!

  7. Hey David! I really wanted to be there today to see the place all tricked out – but in a cruel twist of fate I can’t make it. *grumble*

    Congratulations and I hope you havea a great day! Let’s have that next workshop soon!!!

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