Snow Tubing

I am not a huge fan of winter, however being the father of 5 forces me to enjoy (or endure… whichever way you look at it!) the elements. This was the first year that Brayden was able to tube down the hill, himself. His choice however was to double up the tubes with his old man. Thankfully I was equipped with my Nikon D3100 to capture a few shots as we went down the hill.

None of the shots are perfect, but this one is my favorite. I think his missing tooth makes the shot. His smile is both genuine but fearful. Love it. Bray is my little shadow and continues to bring out the best in me as his mentor.

The colors that day were blah, so I shot this as jpeg, in camera B&W. Post production, added a little B&W flavor, bumped contrast and sharpened for web.

When this posts, I will be in Tampa, FL… Indoors, but the Sunshine and warmth will breath some life into this soul of mine for sure! Hope you are having a great week.

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