Simplicity with Film

Ah, simplicity. I love to keep things simple, but somehow manage to complicate them, more often than not. I guess you call that life. Anyways, today I received some film prints/scans that I have been waiting for. I just tried a new film processing lab in Los Angeles, CA called Richard Photo Lab. I am happy to say that I am extremely happy with the prints and scans I received. Thank you guys over at Richard Photo Lab! You will be seeing more of my film, for sure!! After receiving my package today, I have made a final decision to keep shooting some high speed black and white film. It is so much fun to shoot without immediately seeing the results. You send out the film and anticipate opening the package when it arrives. How much fun is that? haha. Well, for me it is!!

I had a roll of Tmax 400 and Tmax 3200 come back today and they are gorgeous! The simplicity of the whole deal is this. Shoot, Send, Receive, Enjoy. For some reason, when you throw digital in there, you have a tendency to want perfection (this is true in my case often). This makes it easy to pass on a great image, that may not be perfect.

Anyways, without complicating things further, by writing too much… Here is a series of 3 photos I took of Brayden one early evening in June. These were shot with Kodak Tmax 400 rated at 320 f/1.4 1/250 sec. Bridget and I are going to hang this series on the wall. So cute!! (OK, so I am biased.)

Note: My trusty ole Nikon N70 bit the dust so I just purchased a Nikon N80 for a screaming deal 🙂 It’s great that nobody wants their film cameras anymore. hahaha

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  1. I got a crazy deal on a Canon A2E a couple months ago too. I bought a ton of film and keep meaning to pull it out but can’t seem to remember in the heat of the moment at a shoot. I do love film though!

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