Robert Trent Sr.

We just received the most beautiful, ‘Thank You’ card yesterday. It was from Erin and John, who were married last May. Their wedding was one of the most emotional and love filled event, we have witnessed.

One of the reasons it was so special, was that Erin’s father, Robert, had been fighting Lymphoma for years. He was glowing with joy that day! There were priceless moments going on around us all day long and Robert was a big part of those moments.

In our thank you card, we learned that Robert lost his battle with Lymphoma, this past January. We are saddened beyond words and honored that we got to meet him. The kind words from Erin, John and their family were very touching. We are so happy that we were able to capture their day and provide these precious memories for them, forever.

Our love and prayers go out to the entire family. Thank you for having us there and letting us know the news. I would like to post a few photos of Robert as a tribute to him. Seeing the happiness and pride on his face will be with us forever. Rest in Peace my friend.

This has always been one of my favorite images. Just a quiet moment of a Father admiring the beauty of his daughter.

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