Getting Real – Photographing What’s Important

So typically my kids see me coming a mile away with the camera. Sometimes they welcome the black box and other times it goes more like “Dad, can’t you just play with me?” There’s a balance. While I was slammed with paid photography opportunities, there were times that I just did not want to pick up a camera to photography my own family. Ironically, the people that provided me with the MOST inspiration, were then put on the backburner of my photographic pursuits.

I mean, I love photographing for other people and families, but how can I ignore photographing my own family? This is probably my most important job as a photographer! These days, they have been seeing a lot more of the camera and I could not be happier.

Recently I developed a roll of film that I exposed last year. I could not believe how much they have changed! It’s so important to capture all of the little things and moments in their lives. As much as I love making straight up portraits of them, I really love making portraits of them (like the one above) in their element. The picture above was from a popsicle desert the girls were enjoying with each other. Each time they eat popsicles they take turns looking at the color of each other’s tongues. This moment cracks me up, because of the look on Bryleigh’s face (on the right). She looks like she does not know what to expect as Chyler is finishing up showing her tongue color.

In a blink of an eye, they will not be having moments like these. I am so thankful that I have stepped back and made photographing my family a first priority again. Now I just have to share more of it!

Tomorrow begins another milestone in our family. Brayden begins kindergarten! I cannot believe my little buddy is going to be gone all day! We are joyful and sad at the same time. I will be sure to be there with my camera tomorrow morning to capture it all.

Do you photograph what is most important, enough?

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