Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer – Thirst Relief – Tanzania Benefit – Quick Pick

Digging through the 6,500+ images I snapped while in Tanzania, this one really stood out to me! I have so much to share about this trip, and so little free time.. So I will continue to share pieces such as this.

We visited a few orphanages in Dar es Salaam and installed a few water filters there. This orphanage had so many children. It was overwhelming to see them all and to spend time with them. They gave us their joy. It was at this moment that I realized these children were so happy just the way they are. We (as outsiders) may look and think.. “These kids have nothing.” I have to tell you though, after experiencing moments like this, they look to me like they have everything! Joy. Simplicity. Hope. These kids are happy with the basic needs of Love and Human touch. Amazing how simple it really is.   

Look at this smile! I want to feel like this little guy looks in this photo, everyday!


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