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I am a big fan of expanding your vision and trying new things. One of the ways I make this happen for me, is to select one or two workshops a year that I feel will help push me in a new direction. Whether it be a photography workshop, marketing and business techniques or straight up technology, I get excited when the time comes to attend and learn.

This week I am attending Jeremy Cowart‘s workshop. Take a minute and view his work. When I first saw his work, I was in awe. Eventually twitter came along and I followed him and became even more impressed by him as a person. Jeremy has a big heart and started the Help-Portrait movement. He is doing some wonderful things for people around the world through Help-Portrait and Awakening.

So why is a documentary wedding photographer taking this workshop? Because it is totally different from what I do and the way I see! This makes it so exciting for me. I love being a storyteller, because I love honest photography, however I also love to create, produce and direct. Jeremy appears to have a very good handle on all of this. Not to mention his lighting, photography and post processing skills are stellar. This will no doubt provide some insight to me, so I can continue to improve and grow. I will write up a review after the workshop.

If you haven’t attended workshops or seminars, set a goal to make it happen this year. You may just learn something… Better yet, you may help one of the other attendees and make new friends.

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  1. If I had the money, I have a huge list of workshops I’d love to be going to. I’ll be going to NYC next month for a portrait lighting one with David Bergman. My first photo workshop, and my first time traveling solo (not sure how I’ve managed this one, as much as I travel). Excited to see your review from Jeremy’s – no doubt it’ll be a good one.

  2. Hi David thanks for sharing your creativity with me.I’m doing my best to get things going.I have a telephoto lens but i don’t have a hood, and other lenses that can make work easier.What can i do if i do’t have your kind of camera or computer ,lenses and the like.How can i still nmake my images lookcrisp?I also have been tying to take pictures without relying on flash,i”m making progress in this area.I have a favour to ask,since I don’t have access to internet every day,and it seams like you sharing new info everyday,how do i get the stuff i’ve missed?Is there away i can get all you are saying and even refer to it when i foget? Thanks bro I apologise fo along message.God bless,and thanks a million,I realy like this.

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