Photograph your Kids! – Chyler is 6 months already

Much like the Shoemaker that does not make shoes for his own children, more often than not I fall into this category as a photographer. I am a photographer, therefore I do not photograph my own family enough. This is absolutely ridiculous. I accept the flack I receive from all of our family members. Bridget has been on me for months, 6 months actually, to photograph the kids more often. Poor Chyler hardly has any photographs of herself.

I think what happens is that I am always so focused on working for my clients and other people, that I forget to take time for myself and just photograph my kids. I mean I draw SO much inspiration from Bridget and our kids. Part of me believes that I am looking for the perfect opportunity and the perfect setting to photograph them. This goes against everything I love about photography. I am in the business of storytelling and documenting what lies in front of me. Why the disconnect when photographing my own kids?

Rather than thinking about it and fighting with myself, I am just going to shoot. Shoot them as they are, where they are. I want to capture THEM, period.

Chyler turned 6 months yesterday and I did not photograph her. After breakfast and before her morning nap, I spent about 10 minutes with her and made some photographs that really capture her personality right now. She is full of laughter, smiles and curiosity. She loves to look at her hands and feet and is always looking for me, when she hears my voice. Tummy time is becoming more of a pleasure than a hinderance, because she is getting stronger.

I love these photographs. I am so happy that I took a few minutes to capture these priceless moments. Let this be an encouragement to all of you to photograph someone you love today. Whether it is a child, spouse, parent or your favorite pet, do not let the day go by without making a photograph of them, in the moment.

Happy 6 month Birthday to our beautiful little Chyler.





*Technical Details*

Nikon D3, 50 1.4 and 105 2.8 lenses. ISO 400-800, f2.2-3.5, 1/100-1/250, Window Light, Post Production in Lightroom. B&W toning done in Silver Efex Pro. Color Tweak in Color Efex Pro

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  1. Well said… and well shot Dave! I just got a christmas card in the mail of 2 girls that I remember as being about 5 or 6 years old and they look like they’re ready to go to college now. Time flies.

  2. It’s a tough balance. I went through a phase where I took the camera to EVERYTHING, then I got busier with actual paying clients and didn’t take it anywhere.

    When your baby is THAT cute, you really have no excuse not to be taking photos of her.

  3. Post
  4. Amen, brother! A great reminder to get our cameras out at home! Now if I could just get the images out of my computer and up on a wall…
    Btw, Chyler is cute as can be! 😉

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