Perfection in the Imperfection and find a good friend

David Burke Swinging

One of my struggles is perfectionism. I never thought I was a perfectionist until I took a personality type test and perfectionism came up. I said, “But I am not a perfectionist”, then someone looked at me and said “Are you a perfectionist with your photography?”… I was silenced, because I knew I was! I just did not want to admit it.

Well now the cat is out of the bag. I am a perfectionist and it though it has its advantages, the disadvantages outweigh them. When it comes to storytelling, documentary, photojournalism (or whatever buzz word you can think of), there are many times images are less than perfect, but are vital to tell the complete story. I was talking with my good friend and outstanding photojournalist, Vincent Pugliese of Elizabeth Vincent Photography and told him that “I am suffering from perfectionism” and he helped straighten me out. Vincent has many years as a newspaper photojournalist and a formal education in photojournalism, so I hold his mentoring advice in high regard. I am very thankful for his advice and input which continues to help me push the envelope and grow not only as a photographer, but as a man. Thanks Vinny!

So I have been reevaluating how I shoot and what I shoot, so I can continue to improve upon my storytelling skills. The good news is I have been on the right track from the beginning of my journey. My goal is to be better than yesterday, everyday. I am going to start sharing more of the stories I document in a different presentation that I have done before. I am going to go back through the archives and re-tell stories with what I have captured. It’s amazing how many images I have that never see the light of day. At first, I thought I was just being lazy. Turns out it was that pesky perfectionism!

The image above is not perfect but I love it. It actually has nothing to do with this post, but I don’t like to post without a photo, because this is a photography blog. It’s perfect in its imperfection for sure. It is one of my little girls, in all her joy swinging on a swing in the rain. Her smile is ALWAYS on. I love her to pieces. God is good…

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