Our Little Brayden

I came home this afternoon from a great weekend with by son Damon and the youth group. On my way home, Bridget called to tell me that the Dr. Suggested taking Brayden to Children’s Hospital. He had spiked a fever on Friday and was wheezing. So she did. I was 3 hours away by car and I was not driving… Worried? Yes. Confident that he would be OK? Yes.

So I eventually got to the hospital to be with him. He was lying there with a breathing treatment and being very quiet. Bridget and my Dad were there with him. He kept saying, ‘I want my daddy.’ (Which made my day!)

Long story (and day!) short… It turns out that he has a little pneumonia in his left lung, an ear infection and a stomach virus! Good Lord, how can his little body handle this?? I do not know how he is doing it, but he is. We were able to bring him home and care for him here. He slept relatively well and is still sleeping. I am praying that today is a better day for him.

Brayden is our sickliest child. He is so precious and soft. He is not frail, but there is something fragile about him. We love him so much! So if you think about it, please pray for him and send good thoughts his way. We just want him to get better and back to his old self.

Here is a little iPhone picture from yesterday. He is so adorable. I love you Bray Bray!!

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  1. David, sending my love and prayers for your adorable little guy… it breaks my heart to see my kids with a cold let alone pnemonia!

    Tell him CT is sending him some mojo and to hang in there!


  2. I got goosebumps reading this…breaks my heart. Glad he’s home now. We’ll certaintly be praying for him :).

  3. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Bray Bray!!!! get well soon 😉
    good thing you have an amazing mommy and daddy who love you and take great care of you:) we’re praying for your wellness!

  4. Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize Bray was sick! Poor baby, I hope he is feeling better. It just breaks your heart when they don’t feel well. Much love and prayers.

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