New Toy – AppleTV

I wasn’t sure what to think when AppleTV was first released. I didn’t get too excited about it, but always wondered if it would be a good fit in our home.

Recently, I purchased one and I can tell you that I am very glad I did! It is super slick and easy to use. We have so many photos, movies, videos, music tracks, tv shows, etc on our home machine and AppleTV has enabled us to show them off on our TV instead of having everyone gather around the computer.

Apple is going to be releasing an update for the AppleTV soon, so that you can rent movies right from the iTunes store. Library movies are $2.99 and new releases are $3.99. This will be great!

We also buy a lot of children’s dvds that tend to get scratched and start to skip. Now we can download many of the titles for the same price or cheaper and just stream them to the TV. No more scratches.

If you are sittin on the fence about the AppleTV, I say get one. It is great!

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  1. I’ve been on the fence about AppleTV for a while. I think I’m gonna pull the trigger. Colon said how much he loves his too. Can’t wait to see you next month bro.

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