My Favorite Girls

My two favorite girls!

Hmm.. could be three I guess ;-). In case you haven’t heard we are expecting again! We are so excited and will gladly accept boy or girl.

We spent the past two days in West Virginia and it was beautiful. Peaceful. I grabbed this shot as we we went to the creek to catch some crawfish. Bryleigh is such a cuddly girl. She loves to be close to Mom and me. Bridget says that she is a Daddy’s girl. I think I agree, but nobody ever takes pictures of it. LOL.

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  1. David,

    You are a blessed man indeed! You have two VERY beautiful girls in your life. And a huge congratulations to you all with baby #2! God bless! x oxoxxo ~ Dawn

  2. Ugggh! I knew that this was your 5th baby!!! I’m sorry that I said Baby #2. WOW… 5 kids! WOW… 5 kids. I had to say that twice!!!! OMG! You are really blessed! And your wife looks like she’s only 20! Wow!!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new addition. You have a beautiful family. I know what you mean about having photos of you and your daughter together. We are in the same boat!

  4. David,
    Congrats, man! 5 children?!? What a blessing!

    Guess what? We are expecting, too! Our due date is our wedding anniversary (July 4th).

    And if I was there I would gladly take pics of you and your girl!

  5. Ooopsss! I posted that last comment from my brother-in-law’s account. He forgot to sign off.


  6. Beautiful snapshot! Two beautiful girls and another (boy/girl) on the way! I think as time goes by you will be glad that you took this shot. It’s meaning will continually grow.

    This is my first time here. Nice Work! I’ll be back for sure!

  7. Hey buddy, congratulations!!!!!!!!!! That’s so exciting. Praying for God’s blessing on you and your growing family!

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