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(*Random Photo as Every Post Needs to start with a Photo! This is a triple exposure of Bryleigh and Brayden. Looked like it fit…. Fuji Superia 400 Triple Exposed Nikon N80)

Apps are all the rage these days. Heck even the current Sermon series at our church, The Bible Chapel, is titled ‘There’s an app for that!’ I have to admit, I am on the app bandwagon. Firstly I am an Apple fanboy. Secondly, if it’s techie and gadgetry related, I am interested. As much as I try to dial back and not be into it, I just can’t help myself. Much like the overload of everything else we need to keep in check today, I try to keep my app stack to a minimum so they get used. If I have an app that I don’t use, I eventually remove it.

My Favorite Apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac (and AppleTV):

Evernote (iPad, iPhone, Mac)
Ideas, Notes, Blog Entries, Journal Entries, Inspiration, Sketches, Critiques, Life Plan, Vision…. you get the picture. I put all of my thoughts in Evernote. I love this app most of all because it keeps me creative and I can access it from any device anytime, real time. I love it. Thank you Evernote!

Zite (iPad)
My personal magazine. It’s great to select your topics and it feeds them to you in a magazine format. I get quick nuggets from here and can easily share with others via social networks. (Mainly Twitter for me. Facebook is way too time consuming!) I email my evernote account for things I want to read later and remember.

Reeder (iPad)
Reeder syncs with Google Reader. All of my RSS Feeds are housed here. Reeder creates a very clean interface to absorb everything I want to read. This comes in Handy in the morning.

The bible with me all the time. I really love the ability to switch between translations of the Word. I typically read the NIV but also really enjoy The Message. The Message is a paraphrase that puts things into modern day terms. Yes, it simplifies it for my simple mind.

ShakeItPhoto (iPhone)
Hands down favorite iPhone Camera App. I have created a book filled with images made with this app alone. It’s fun and fantastic.

LoMob (iPhone)
Runner Up favorite iPhone photo app. Has some neat filters to apply to an image.

Camera+ (iPhone)
Camera+ to me is what the iPhone default camera should be. It is fast and responsive. I put the default camera icon in a folder somewhere on my iPhone. Camera+ is right down on my dock. Dig it (I have 3 folders filled with Photography Apps… I love a lot but these three are my most used)

8mm (iPhone)
Who doesn’t love the nostalgia of an 8mm film. Reminds me of being a kid and brings back wonderful memories of my grandfather.

Chrome (Mac)
Lighting fast web browsing. Enough Said.

Lightroom (Mac)
The only photo editing/retouching app I would be LOST without. A staple in any photographers arsenal of tools.

Netflix (iPad, iPhone, AppleTV)
Entertainment for the kids at my fingertips. “Dad can I watch Phineas and Ferb on your iPad?” How can I say no to that?

Twitter (iPad, iPhone, Mac)
Keeping up with some news and lots of noise. Probably more of a distraction than anything, but I enjoy it. I have to have a vice or two right? Facebook overwhelms me. I never check my messages and rarely interact. I always tell people that I am a Bad Facebooker. I mean it, I really am! Sorry in advance for when I ignore your messages!!!

Napster (iPad, iPhone, Mac)
Music. Pretty Much anything I want to listen to (aside from the Beatles) exists on Napster. It is about $100 per year. I can listen to it anywhere anytime on any of my devices. The iPhone allows you to download it for offline play too. Music has always been a part of my life. Sometimes playing but mostly listening to it. I think my life is ordered, chronologically by music. At least this is how I remember everything. “Ah, this was summer of 1983….” My wife teases me all of the time because I remember everything by dates because of music. She is just jealous because she doesn’t remember 1983… She was 3. 🙂
Note – my good friend Rob just turned me on to Rdio which is Napster like. When my Napster subscription runs out, I just may switch.

What are your favorite, must have apps?

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  1. My favorite one is camera+. And totally agree that this should be the default camera in the iphone. I would recommend this app to anyone. So many options!

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